Donnerstag, September 22nd, 2011

Students to present their work at The Royal Opera House - London 29. September 2011

A group of twenty seven third semester students from The School of Architecture - Hochschule Bremen, have been working on designs for an “opera warehouse,” in Thurrock, near London. Supported by the Royal Opera House, the design module incorporated a study trip to The Royal Opera House and it`s new cultural and educational development in Thurrock, giving a privileged insight into the work of one the world`s most recognised opera houses.

Exkursion und Workshop in Bath, Großbritannien: 02.11.11 - 05.11.11

Im Rahmen des Moduls Entwerfen I wird eine Exkursion und Workshop angeboten zwischen The School of Architecture, Hochschule Bremen und The Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering, University of Bath